Saturday, September 15, 2012

Remembering Hà Nội

It's been almost ten months since I stepped onto the bus that scuttled me out of Hanoi, my home for almost three years, towards a new chapter in my life. It was a time to close the doors of the past, bury unwanted things and move on. But I was missing Hanoi the moment the bus pulled out of the station.

Almost a year on and my longing for the old city hasn't diminished one bit.

Sure, it's not a place for everyone...but neither is New York (although my sister would probably disagree!). For me, it teems with character. It has grit laced with a sprinkling of charm. Its true beauty reveals itself if the mind is open to look beyond the confines of stereotypes, prejudices and expectations.

Over the next few posts and pictures, I share with you some of my memorable moments in Hanoi...snapshots of what made it so beautiful for me.

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